Quick sales solution for supermarkets system

Quick sales solution for supermarkets system

Thursday, 04-07 2019
For supermarkets, there are thousands of customers coming in and out every day. Each customer often buys many products so the payment process is very time consuming. There are customers who have to wait too long to leave the goods and leave even though they have lost their job before searching for products in the cart. Therefore, to overcome this situation, the application of sales management software to supermarkets is the current optimal solution. With KiotViet sales software, the sale and payment of invoices takes place quickly, without errors, helping customers not have to wait long.

1. Quick payment, saving time, avoiding errors

Sales management software application will help supermarkets save time to pay for each invoice. KiotViet sales software, which can be integrated with barcode readers, every product in the supermarket just needs to paste a barcode.

The staff at the cash register just scans the barcode reader through the product on the computer that displays the corresponding product with the item code, price, and quantity. The system will automatically calculate the value of the invoice, enter the guest payment and the amount to be paid. Thus, it will minimize errors in the calculation process.

2. Easy integration with bill printer

The psychology of customers when shopping at the supermarket is the need to get invoices to check the information of purchased goods. KiotViet sales software can be easily integrated with the bill printer, making your sales process simple, avoiding confusion and convenience for customers.

3. Sales even when internet connection is lost

KiotViet sales software is one of the successful applications of cloud guessing technology. Application of cloud computing technology helps sales can take place as soon as the internet connection is lost, the server has trouble. All information about sales will be synchronized when the internet connection works again.

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