Song Phat Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading companies in the field of barcode (barcode), mobile computers (mobile computers), receipt printers, POS computers … With more than 19 years of experience We have constantly developed and provided to Vietnam market many solutions and equipment related to industries such as supermarkets, bookstores, pharmacies, hospitals, banks, factories, schools. …

Over 18 years of operation, we are now the official distributor in Vietnam with the following famous brands:

  • Seiko Epson (Japan): is a leading manufacturer in the field of printing for retail and banking industry.
  • Honeywell – Scanning & Mobility (USA): is a manufacturer belonging to Honeywell Group, specializing in the production of barcode scanners with 2 famous brands Metrologic and HHP, widely used in retail, industry, office, public administration …
  • Datamax – O’Neil (USA): is a manufacturer of specialized printers for barcode printing, including desktop printers and mobile printers
  • CipherLab (Taiwan): Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of handheld barcode scanning devices, portable scannersg.
  • Flytech(Taiwan): manufacturer of touch screen cash registers, kiosk machines used in public places, bookstores, supermarkets …
  • Amor (France): The maker of ribbon barcode printers, high quality, prints quality, sharp, and increases printhead life.

Field of activity:

  • Provide application solutions related to the retail industry, restaurants, hotels, entertainment areas, freight, factories …
  • Distribute equipment from the above-mentioned brands through a nationwide distribution system. Official warranty center for products EPSON, Honeywell, Datamax & O’Neil, CipherLab, Flytech in Vietnam.
  • Consulting on barcode application training, human resources, organizing personnel apparatus, consulting and evaluating effectiveness in retail specialization.


With a team of leaders and skilled and experienced staff, regularly attend professional training courses abroad. We have done well and brought our customers peace of mind about the quality of service from the initial consultation to after-sales service. Those things are confirmed and the answer is why big customers choose us as suppliers.


With the motto “You and We develop together” right with the name Song Phat.

We always want to provide our customers with the best equipment and solutions to contribute to the development of our customers.

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