Epson PLQ-20 Passbook printer

The 24-pin Epson PLQ-20 impact printer is fast and versatile, with print speeds up to 480 cps, high paper throughput and the ability to handle passbooks up to 2.6mm thick. It also features convenient automatic forms alignment and automatic print gap adjustment to ensure fast, trouble-free printing of passbooks and other specialized banking documents.

Suggested retail price: Call (028) 39 255 330 – Press 1
  • Savings books with thickness up to 2.6mm
  • Printing speed 480 characters / second
  • Easy to integrate into the system
  • Flexible with Parallel, Serial and USB interfaces.
  • Simple to install and use.
  • Easy to install paper
  • Optional: communicate over wired and wireless networks.
  • Optional: space saving paper.
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