Epson Business Inkjet GP-C830 printer

The GP-C830 inkjet printer is tough enough to handle the needs of industries and medical institutions that cannot afford downtime. With an impressive lifecycle of 600,000* pages – six times longer than conventional inkjet printers – downtime is dramatically reduced while the bottom line is improved with a lower total cost of ownership.

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  • Revolutionary Print-head Protection: Printers that use fanfold paper tend to collect paper dust on the print head, which results in frequent nozzle clogging and missing ink dots. Epson’s new head protection system drastically reduces the accumulation of dust and dirt, providing longer continuous operation between periodic maintenance.
  • Easy Paper Handling: Even the best printers jam. With Epson technology, clearing paper jams is quick and fuss free. The GP-C830 automatically releases paper guide when a jam is detected, allowing for the rapid removal and re-setting of media. Manual release can also be performed with a simple one-touch operation. Additionally, the top cover slides open easily for quick removal and print restart
  • Sharper Printouts: Epson DURABrite™ Ultra produces high-quality prints that have excellent resistance to water, chemicals, fading and smudges. Durability like this makes GP-C830 ideal for hospitals, laboratories, supermarkets and wherever liquids or other moisture is present
  • Reduced Noise and Power Usage: Unlike conventional dot impact printers, the GP-C830 inkjet printer operates quietly and do not contribute to workplace noise. In addition, it also consume less energy, which is a huge advantage for energy-conscious offices and in areas with inconsistent power supply
  • Clear and Sharp Barcodes: Installing the included printer driver automatically loads fonts for barcode printing, assuring razor-sharp barcodes even on plain paper
  • High Output that Reduces Costs: The GP-C830 shines in workplaces where fast printing is vital – with a fast 19.7* ppm. Overall running costs are lower compared to laser printers.
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