Barcode solution in the library

Barcode solution in the library

Thursday, 04-07 2019

Almost every school in the elementary, middle, high school or university levels must have a library. The increasing number of books in the library leads to the situation of managing books, renting books every day, increasing the difficulty if the traditional management methods are maintained.

Modern society and modern libraries also need a modern management thanks to the learning and information technology warehouses. In other words, people will not have to interfere too much in management and classification, but will be fully automated in the activities that will take place in the library.

In the recent past, some libraries have embraced the trend shown in developing the Library System software, also known as the administration system. The error to operate this software is the barcode scanner. It is no exaggeration to say that the barcode scanner is a full-time librarian to manage library books and cards. The process of statistics, classification of warehousing books, and ex-warehousing books becomes much more convenient, fast and accurate than before.

We can imagine how the barcode works as follows. Before putting the book in stock, the staff will paste each book with a code, this code is the representative name of the book, no stamp matches any stamp. Then enter the database of each book into the computer. Data in computers combined with barcode codes will help the professional work more quickly and professionally.

Readers who want to borrow books instead of having to spend a lot of time recording personal information, book wrap information on the declarations, are now removed. Just show the library, in the library card each person also has a barcode. Insert the barcode into the Scan section, all customer information will appear fully. The return of books is similar to borrowing books. Librarians just need to put the barcode of the book and the barcode of the library card through the barcode reader to complete the book return procedure. No time consuming, no effort, avoid errors in the stages .. are the outstanding advantages of barcode application in library management.

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