Barcode solution in warehouse management

Barcode solution in warehouse management

Thursday, 04-07 2019

The application of barcodes for products helps inventory work to be done easily, quickly and scientifically.

To be able to manage the origin of the product, we can label the product with two options as follows:

* Option 1: Each product / package must have a different barcode. Product code will be entered in batches, product type and each product in the same type will be serialized in ascending order. This will greatly increase the amount of code to be managed, but it helps to get product information when tracing correctly.

* Option 2: the same product in a shipment will have the same barcode. The code will be typed to distinguish between shipments and product types. With this labeling the product information can still be found but followed by a shipment. In the case that the shipment is not exported or exported to two different customers, it is impossible to distinguish which product has been delivered to which customer.

Process of barcode stickers for products

After the product has been coded, use a barcode printer to print the barcode for the product. Can use specialized printers to print bar codes, depending on demand, we choose the most suitable and economical model. The barcode will be printed on decal paper, then removed and pasted on the product. The barcode will be affixed to the product at the stage of delivery to import finished products or be pasted in the finished product phase and awaiting shipment.

Warehousing process

Warehouse staff with the support of barcode scanner to read the bar code on the consignment lot, this information will be put into the computer to create a warehousing slip with other management information related to shipment. Since this time the products will be managed via code on the barcode.

Warehouse process

Similar to the work of ex-warehousing, employees can create ex-warehousing bills based on the import slips, using barcode reading equipment for ex-warehousing. Staff in turn read the bar code on the export shipment and at the same time to be able to track the origin of the product later, when exporting information such as date of export, to whom, order code, … must be recorded Get into the system. Therefore, when discharging, employees must put these parameters into the computer.

Inventory process

Công tác kiểm kho sử dụng thiết bị đọc mã vạch di động. Trong quá trình kiểm kho, nhân viên quét tất cả mã vạch của các sản phẩm trong kho sau đó kết nối thiết bị đọc mã vạch này với máy tính để tải dữ liệu về phục vụ cho việc xử lý. Sau khi có được dữ liệu chương trình sẽ kết xuất ra báo cáo về số lượng thực tế trong kho và so sánh với số liệu đang được quản lý trên máy tính đồng thời cho phép cập nhật lại số liệu thực này.

The system of revelation includes:

Benefits of applying barcodes in warehouse management:

Reduce operating costs of businesses, increase profits
Increasing competitiveness in the market thanks to quick response to customer requirements & low product prices.
Actively source capital due to low inventory.
The barcode system accurately and quickly determines the rating code as well as the different codes of the publication, increasing the speed of publication management and loan repayment operations.
With the integration and close support in the business management system, bar codes allow to reduce data entry operations, minimize confusion in business operations.

This solution helps you:

Understand inventory, age inventory decisions appropriate business.
90% reduction in damage due to long-term inventory, price reduction.
Help decide on new import / production.
Quickly respond to customer orders.
100% reduction of wrong import and export due to the accuracy of the barcode.
Reduce 50% of operation time and enter data in warehouse.

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